Nine of The Best Cardio Exercises

Cardio Workouts for Women.

Hitting the gym every morning has become an essential routine for many, especially women who desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The most preferred form of exercise is the cardio workout, an aerobic activity that helps build up your heart rate. When practised daily for a specific time, this aerobic activity helps make your heart stronger & healthier while burning calories. The higher the elevated heart rate & that too for more extended period’s amounts to a very healthy cardio exercise for your body. 

Regular cardio exercises will help your body regain its balance, mobility & better heart and muscle strength. The other benefits of cardio workouts:

  • Elevated heart rates increase blood circulation in your body triggering the supply of more oxygen cells to your muscles & organs.
  • Releases the feel-good endorphins in your bloodstream which relieves you from stress & helps rejuvenate.
  • Help burn calories & in reducing the appearance of cellulite in a women’s body.
  • Makes your body stronger especially your muscles & bones.
  • Helps you relax & sleep better. Studies have shown that it benefits people suffering from insomnia & also can help prevent depression.

Popular Cardio Workouts for Women

  1. Walking: Brisk walking in a park or neighborhood or indoors on a treadmill. Push yourself to walk on tough or steep terrains. Tougher the terrains more calories you burn.
  2. Running or climbing the staircase: Running or climbing the stairs is an excellent workout as each movement of yours is against gravity. It uses all the different muscles of your body to engage in the activity, creating more friction, thus burning more calories.
  3. Jumping Rope: Get toned legs, arms & a stronger back when you swing the rope. A great exercise that can be done anywhere, even in your backyard.
  4. Cycling: Exercising on stationery bikes with adjustable gears which help the intensity of the workout & in burning calories.
  5. Rowing: An excellent form of cardio exercise that actively uses 80% of your body muscles, helping you burn more calories in each session.
  6. Jumping, Squats & Planks: These combined exercises do be done in unison go well when included with your cardio exercises.
  7. Rollbacks: Abdominal exercises to be done either on a mat or an exercise ball. Rollbacks help tone up your body & usually included in cardio routines at all gyms.
  8. Mountain Climber Push-ups: Intense cardio workouts are done by bringing the knees into the chest aided with push-ups during intervals.
  9. HIIT: A combination of low-intensity & high-intensity workouts combining mostly all the above exercises but done in short bursts inducing more calorie burn. HIIT exercises stress keeping each session shorter but with more intensity maximizing more calorie burn including increased metabolism. 

Helps Recover from Chronic Health Conditions

A 30-minute cardio workout would be the ideal form of exercise for every woman, the intensity varying depending on their age. Even women with chronic health conditions should remain active as possible & do their cardio workouts probably with less intensity. Then, if required, take a break & recover. Even at intervals, regular cardio workouts would be the best way of helping a chronic health patient recover rather than entirely depending on medications.

Taking Precaution

It is essential to do cardio workouts with proper sports gear, whether doing it indoors or outdoors. In addition, adequate support gear such as Running Shoes, Mats, support sleeves for knee, ankle & wrists, etc., is necessary to keep you safe from injuries. 

10 Minutes Cardio Workout at Home by MadFit

Ruby Taylor
Ruby Taylor

Ruby is a professional fitness coach and a motivational person, who worked for some of the U.K's best Gyms, and helped many women to reach their fitness and health goals throughout her career. Ruby is committed to sharing all her knowledge to help you get the fitness results you dream of.

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