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Your Guide to Getting Rid of Cellulite
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Your Guide to Getting Rid of Cellulite

Combining Exercise & Skincare Routines.

Near about 80-90% of all the women in the world experience cellulite. There are no clear reasons why people have cellulite or why women tend to develop it more than men.

However, the way fat is likely distributed in people’s bodies has a lot to do with the appearance of cellulite. It appears on thighs, buttocks, and bellies more often than not, and there is a lot of misinformation about it.

It is important to remember that there is no scientific basis for claiming that cellulite is caused by excess fat. It got more to do with how the fat is distributed in the body concerning the connective tissues. And there is no cure for cellulite because there is nothing to cure. But you can definitely control the way it looks.

Staying Active

Working out alone may not eliminate cellulite, but having toned muscles definitely helps with how it looks. Making sure you have strong muscles on your legs and buttocks goes a long way in managing the appearance of cellulite on your body.

Keeping up with your strength training and cardio also goes a long way in keeping your stress levels low. Living a high-stress life releases adrenaline and other hormones in large quantities. These hormones have been shown to have an impact on your system and increase the appearance of cellulite. So stay active and strong, and keep your stress levels low.

Keep Your Blood Flowing

Eating the right foods helps support your body, especially the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system in our bodies plays an important role in the appearance of cellulite. Eating a diet rich in leafy greens and vegetables helps support your lymphatic system in processing toxins and improving blood flow.

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Another way to ensure healthy blood flow is deep tissue massages. This help stimulates your lymphatic system and encourages drainage of excess fluid as well. The lack of excess fluid will reduce overall inflammation and make your skin look much better.

Medical Procedures

Procedures like liposuction are an absolute no when it comes to cellulite. In fact, removing the fat can make your skin seem looser and make the cellulite look worse. But you can try procedures like VelaShape or Cellfina. Some cosmetic brands also managed to develop some great skincare creams that can help treat cellulite.

VelaShape only works short term using vacuum suction to pull in and thicken the skin. Cellfina works best for a more long term effect. It changes the structures in the body that cause cellulite. It works by breaking down the tissue that pulls on the skin and forces the fact pockets to the surface. If you’re considering Cellfina, make sure to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist before you make a decision!

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