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Why Improving Gut Health Can Improve Performance
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Why Improving Gut Health Can Improve Performance

Your Gut Health Is Vital.

Fitness enthusiasts and health seekers are forever on the lookout for ways to improve their athletic performance. From following strict diets to keeping your body hydrated, from training your brain to getting the world’s best supplements, you’ve tried it all and seen the difference.

But what if we told you that the secret to improving your performance lies deep in your gut? Yes, that’s truer than you thought. Your gut health and gut bacteria hold the key to your performance. Want to know how? Read on to understand how the power of these tiny organisms.

1.  Gut Bacteria Help Fulfil Your Energy Requirements

Some of the vital functions in the human body require a metabolite called short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs). Gut microbes have an essential role to play in the production of SCFAs. They also help in the production of many other vital nutrients that are intermediates in different bodily functions.

With exercising, metabolic activity increases and puts a greater demand on your body for energy. Needless to say then, that, with growth in exercise, the need to keep a healthy microbiome in your gut becomes essential to maintain optimum performance.

2.  Muscle Recovery Post Exercise

Post-exercise or strenuous activity, your muscles produce lactic acid. It is a by-product of exercise that is behind the strain that you feel in your muscles. A gut bacteria named Veillonella atypica is a lactic acid scavenger. Your post-workout recovery is, thus, dependent on the presence of the bacteria that flourish in a healthy gut.

3.  Gut Bacteria Help You Stay Hydrated

Losing water through sweating during workouts and running is no news. Neither is the need to stay hydrated during long workouts. However, we bet, little did you know that your gut bacteria can be at play when it comes to deciding how much water you’ll lose.

Your gut bacteria are key to maintain hydration levels during exercise. Adequate and optimal use of water and prevention of dehydration is linked to gut health. Better the gut health, better are the hydration levels, and better is your performance.

4.  Healthy Gut Supports Healthy Bones

Research suggests that a healthy but micro-biome is directly linked with healthy and strong bones. Apparently, gut bacteria regulate bone mass. The tiny beings achieve this by,

·      Altering the skeletal, immune system,

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·      Regulating hormones, indirectly, and

·      Producing chemical intermediates related to enhancing bone mass.

5.  Improved Endurance and Stamina

A healthy gut is directly linked to better absorption of nutrients that help in the overall functioning of the body and mind. Therefore, your performance at workout is as much a test of your mental endurance as it is of your physical well-being.

A healthy gut environment ensures that all nutrients are optimally absorbed to keep the body and mind functioning optimally and thus enhance performance.

Why Gut Health is Important?

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