Ways to Get up Early for a Workout

How to Get up Early for a Workout?

Getting up early for a workout might be hard for many people. With all the things you have to do in the morning, it is easy to lose track of your precious time- which you could be using to get stronger and more fit. But with a good plan and help from these tips, getting out of bed will become much easier!

1. Invest in an Alarm Clock that Really Gets You Up

Sleeping through your alarm clock has never been a problem for you- because it hasn’t worked yet! So invest in one that really works, like an extreme wake up call or one of those alarms that mimic sounds from nature – birds chirping or waves crashing. The sound makes waking up less painful since its gentle and peaceful, but still gets you up!

2. Hit The Sack Early

Getting enough sleep is one of the most important things when trying to get up earlier. When you don’t get enough sleep, your body releases a hormone called cortisol that can make it harder to wake up and feel refreshed. So if you’re going to be hitting the bed earlier, try making a routine of going to bed at a certain time – even on weekends – so you can train your body to get used to being in bed early .

3. Prepare for Success the Night Before

Do all of your worrying about getting out of bed the next morning before you go to sleep at night so by the time your alarm clock goes off in the morning, waking up will be easy breezy ! Try writing down all of your worries, hopes for the next day, and things you’re grateful for in a journal – it will help relieve some stress before bed.

4. Get a Boost from Snooze

If you’ve hit the snooze button more times than you can count, listen up! The snooze button was made to trick your brain into thinking it’s still sleeping so it can go back to sleep easier. You should use this knowledge to your advantage by setting two alarms with 10 minutes of difference between them instead of just one – that way if you press snooze once, the second alarm is triggered and there’s no going back! If all else fails, set an alarm on your phone using an app that blocks your phone for a chosen amount of time, the alarms will go off anyway but you won’t be able to turn them off .

5. Use Your Creativity to Get out of Bed Easily

If hitting snooze isn’t working, try using some creativity when in bed to see if it can get you out! Try turning over in bed in different positions or even doing 10 push-ups in bed. Then do jumping jacks or crunches in front of your mirror when you get up – anything that takes time and gets your blood flowing. Remember, the goal is to trick your brain into thinking its already been woken up so there’s no going back!

6. Don’t Force Yourself out of Bed

If you’re still having trouble getting up in the morning, don’t force yourself out of bed just yet. If you have time, start your day with some yoga or a short meditation session so you can clear your head and feel refreshed. If not, at least try committing to 20 minutes of quiet time where you read or write before going about your day – it will help wake you up!

Daisy Wilson

Daisy is a Yoga expert and lover. Daisy lived many years in India, learning about yoga, meditation, and all the eastern holistic practices that help the mind and the body reach any goal that a human can set. Daisy also enjoys cooking and creating healthy recipes while not teaching yoga or writing for her audience.

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