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Vegan Complete Protein Sources for Women
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Vegan Complete Protein Sources for Women

What are the Best Protein Sources for Vegan Women?

Having a vegan diet is the new lifestyle for many women nowadays. Apart from being cruelty-free, this lifestyle is pricing itself to be healthier than its non-vegetarian counterparts! A complete vegan diet promotes losing weight, lessens the probability of colon cancer, and keeps the cholesterol under control, which is good for the heart. 

It is often asked by many do the vegan products provide sufficient protein? Well, yes, they do. Some of the sources of vegan protein are:


Having its origin as a flowering plant, the seeds of this plant are edible. Quinoa is often, in fact, argued to be better than white rice due to its superior health benefits. Apart from being full of protein, it is also rich in Fibre, antioxidants, and amino acids. Quinoa also helps in losing weight! 

Chia Seeds

They have recently attained their popularity due to their enriched protein and omega-three content. Chia Seeds taste better when they are mixed with any liquid base. This is because they act as an efficient substitute for eggs. Chia Seeds are also rich in zinc, calcium, antioxidants as well as iron. The most famous recipe for chia seeds is its pudding!

Soy Beans

This is an age-old protein-rich vegan food, and various products are made out of them. These products are tofu, examine seeds, and tempeh. Tofu is extremely popular worldwide. Soy Beans are used in salads, and they efficiently enhance the taste as well. Soy Beans are often used in protein shakes as well. 


Beans are amazing vegan protein foods. They have a vast variety ranging from pinto beans to black beans. Beans add to the taste in salads and, when combined with rice, can make tasty, wholesome dishes. 


They have always been known to be a great source of protein and are found in almost every household, whether the consumer is a vegan or not. Peanuts, almonds, and cashews are among the standard nuts that significantly enhance any delicacy’s taste apart from being rich in protein. Nuts can be consumed in the form of peanut butter as well. 


These are excellent sources of protein and can be traced back to the versatile legume family. Apart from having high protein content, they are enriched with amino acids as well. They are gaining popularity after they are used for making hummus, which acts as a delicious dip for any snack.

Green Peas

They are protein-rich yummy vegetables that greatly enhance the taste of any dish they are a part of. They are low in calories and are excellent protein-rich food for vegans. 

One should have the above-mentioned protein-rich food in their diet to have a complete vegan wholesome meal! Apart from being so nutritious, these are also readily available in the local markets. Thus, maintaining a healthful vegan diet is not difficult anymore!

High Protein Vegan Recipes by Madeleine Olivia

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