Types of Tennis Shoes & Choosing the Right Ones

Guide to Choosing Your Tennis Shoes.

No matter if you are a beginner, a seasoned sports person, or someone with a great penchant for playing. In case your playing shoes are not up to the mark, your game and health could be ruined. This is true for all sports. And especially in a game like tennis that requires 360-degree movement on the court, choosing the right fit is of paramount importance.

There is a wide variety of tennis shoes available for and preferred by women. They are:

  1. Lace Up shoes 

2. Synthetic shoes  

3. Thick-Soled shoes 

4. Outsole shoes 

5. Pro Staff Wilson shoes 

6. Classic White shoes 

7. Air Vapor shoes 

8. Hyper Court shoes.

But not each kind is the right pick for everyone. A lot depends on the court type, foot shape, and your tennis playing habit. 

You can obviously choose the material according to your needs and preferences like leather, EVA, vinyl, canvas, or polyurethane. Now with advanced technology, these synthetic materials also provide better soaking ability and elasticity. 

How to Choose Good Tennis Shoes?

The best tennis shoes, unmistakably are those that provide excellent lateral support both inside and outside the shoe. This feature ensures that you don’t hurt your ankle while making those brisk changes of directions while playing. Another essential characteristic is the supportive sole of these shoes that prevents your feet from rolling back and forth. One of the best in this bracket is the Babolat Propulse Fury All Court Tennis Shoes, which are excellent for heel and ankle support. 

However, on hard courts like the ones made with cement or asphalt, you would need thick-soled shoes embedded with more cushioning and greater shock absorbability. And what better option than the ones with a partial herringbone design as they provide good traction. There are full herringbone designs too which are excellent for clay courts. Because clay courts tend to be more slippery and call for stronger grip and control. 

Some brands design their shoes especially keeping in mind the shape of the foot. Brands like K-Swiss fall in this category. They are an indisputable choice for women with a wider foot. So if you belong to this group, you can choose something like their K-Swiss Hypercourt Express Tennis Shoe. It is light, airy, and comfortable. For women with narrow feet, ASICS and New Balance can be good brands of choice. 

Air Vapor shoes, on the other hand, are also light and appropriate for all court types. This all round tennis shoe equipped with an additional bounce is perfect for all kinds of movements on the court.

So now play your game in style with the right fit for your feet. 

Tennis Tips by Tennis Warehouse: Importance of Tennis Shoes

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