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Track Running – Outfit & Etiquette for Women

Track Running – Outfit & Etiquette for Women

Get Ready for Track Running.

Women have been running since the dawn of civilization. There are documentations of Greek women running to please Hera, the goddess of family and childbirth. Research shows that a woman who sprints frequently lives longer than the average human life span. Moreover, its not just about toned calves anymore. A female runner develops healthy skin, stronger bones and a natural resistance to most autoimmune diseases.

So if you are setting up to reap some good benefits from the exercise, we have some pointers about your running outfit that you might consider checking up. Here is a list you need to take care of.


There is a fairly large market of unisex footwear for runners. But, you have to keep in mind that women in general have narrower and smaller feet than men. So instead of opting for a unisex pair, get one that is designed to suit the anatomy of the feminine foot. Women tend to strike their heels more. So find a pair that has anterior foot durability. Flashy mood lifting colors are in trend. You can grab one. Or find solace in subdued undertones. Suit yourself.


Be it sweat absorbent turtle-necks on winters or cotton tank tops on breezy summers, your running outfit must fluctuate according to the needs of your beautiful body and the beautiful weather. This department of the runner’s look book will spoil you with its abundance of choice. Someone will want to keep it airy and breathable with light toned loose shorts or flare dresses. Another might want to look like a madam on a mission with micro-pored leggings and finger sleeved body hugging tops. Whatever the outfit, make sure it allows you to stretch, jump and spread you legs to the maximum possible limit. Go for trusted old premium brands. Their quality is unmatched.


A water bottle container and smart watch that is sweat proof count into the must-have list. If you are a businesswoman running the world or someone who wants to get some more work done while sprinting, we have got an idea for you. You can find a body tie up phone holder and a pair of airpods. That will help you hold meetings and discuss ideas while shedding your calories. If you are a music aficionado, get that adrenaline pumping with some workout EDM and pop music. If sweat gives you the icky feel, get your butler to accompany you with a towel or just carry one.

Track Etiquette for Newbies by Coach Morgan

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