The Best Post-Pregnancy Workout Moves to Do at Home

Having a baby is a wonderful experience.

Pregnancy and having a child take a toll on our health for sure. And, the most visible ailment is increased body fat.

Post-pregnancy workouts are beneficial for mothers. It helps mothers protect themselves from postpartum depression and sleeplessness. Besides, your body goes through a lot of changes during and after you are pregnant.

Here are 3 post-pregnancy workouts that can be tried easily at home, without staying away from your baby.


As simple as it looks, walking is a great exercise to get back into your shape. It is not much of a workout, does not make you all sweaty, but is great for toning your figure back. A mild stroll around the house or on the lawn will work wonders. It would help you get back into your fitness regimen if you had one. If not, you can begin the habit from this simplistic exercise. Plus, if you add a challenge by carrying your baby in the front, it will level up the fitness benefits.


Breathing exercises are a part of the yoga regimen. It helps in toning of abdominal muscles and improves circulation of blood. Also, it strengthens the physique, which is changed during pregnancy. The process is straightforward and relaxing. All you need to do is sit straight, with your back upright and inhale deeply. Next, pull air and let it pass through the windpipe. While performing the act, contract your abdomen and wait for a few seconds. Then, release the air and relax your abs while breathing out. With practice, increase the time of holding breath and abs at a time.


Kegels is a great exercise for reproductive health. It helps in controlling the period pains, having good sex and takes care of sudden leaks post-pregnancy. In addition, it helps in toning the bladder muscles and lessen the occurrences of incontinence after giving birth. After Kegels, you can have great control over your body leakages during picking up your baby, laughing or sneezing.

The exercise is simple. Manipulate the urinary muscles while peeing. Give some time to yourself to check which muscles act when peeing so that you can control them accordingly. After manipulation, let your urine pass.

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