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Should Women Lift Weights?
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Should Women Lift Weights?

Why Women Should Lift Weights?

Whether it’s running, yoga, a weight loss plan, or any other sport, many women struggle and don’t get the results they’re looking for. The reason is simple: Not doing a good strength training.

It is often rare to find a woman lifting weights in the gym. But just because a woman isn’t attracted to the idea of building biceps or brutal abs doesn’t mean she can’t train with weight. Even for women, lifting weights or the classic barbell offers many benefits; from belly fat loss and stress relief to health and motor benefits. But despite these benefits, only a small fraction of women who attend gyms do weight or barbell training.

Here are some reasons why a woman should be encouraged to start this discipline right away:

1. Strength Training Burns Much More Fat

We often hear that to lose weight we must start practicing endurance sports. This is only partially true. If you do resistance training, you lose weight. But be careful, although 75% of the weight lost is fat, the rest is muscle. But because muscle mass also affects metabolism (muscles need more calories), the possibility of gaining weight increases with every ounce of muscle lost. Optimal would be a combination of endurance and strength training.

2. Burn More Calories

Strength training increases muscle mass which, in turn, also increases your basal metabolic rate. If women practice weight training, they will burn more calories, even if they are sitting in front of the TV. Studies have shown that metabolism continues to increase for up to 39 hours after training because the body needs energy to repair or regulate muscle fibers.

3. You Will Become Slimmer

Between the ages of 30 and 50, the body loses approximately 10% of its muscle mass. This loss is usually offset by fat. Obviously, this increases the circumference of the hips and waist, because a gram of fat has 18% more mass than a gram of muscle.
Women who regularly do weight training will get better results over time. If you only do cardio training, you will lose weight, but then you will only be thin. Defined muscles, on the other hand, emphasise the natural body shape.

4. Better Stress Processing

addition, blood pressure, after stressful situations, falls more quickly to the average level in people with more muscle mass. The more muscles you have, the less stress you will have.

5. Prevention of Osteoporosis

Older women are particularly sensitive to osteoporosis. This can be prevented by a simple mean. Already four months of weight training increase bone density. (Naturally, physical activity must continue, otherwise bone density will decrease again.)

6. Healthier Heart

Strength training reduces diastolic pressure, resulting in a 40% reduction in the risk of stroke and a reduction in the risk of heart attack of up to 15%.

In Conclusion

Strength training, accompanied by a diet appropriate to your needs, will allow you to create muscle mass. Muscle mass requires energy to stay “alive”: that is, it consumes calories simply by being there.

Should Women Lift Weights? 3 Amazing Benefits by Dr. Anthony Balduzzi

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