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Romanian Deadlift Exercise for Women 
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Romanian Deadlift Exercise for Women 

Romanian Deadlift Exercise Benefits, Form and Mistakes.

If you are not familiar with the Romanian Deadlift Exercise, it is used primarily to train your hamstrings and glutes. This form of training is useful for women who want to tone their muscles. Without proper form, this type of workout can cause injury or simply be ineffective at toning muscles. As with any exercise routine,  make sure that you pay attention to technique and that you perform this exercise safely so as not to injure yourself.

When lifting weights, it is possible to use either a push press method or the Romanian Deadlift method. The push press focuses on starting movement from the legs directly instead of using momentum generated by simultaneously bending at the hips and knees like in conventional deadlifts.

How to Do Romanian Deadlift Properly?

When using the Romanian Deadlift method, start with your feet shoulder width apart while holding a dumbbell in each hand. Bend your knees slightly and grip the dumbbells with an underhanded grip at shin level. Be sure to keep your back straight throughout the movement. Always make sure that you are not rounding or arching your back while performing this exercise. It is important to maintain constant tension on the hamstrings during this movement. Keep your arms straight without locking them out. This is achieved by keeping them close to your legs as you lower it down then pulling up quickly once reaching the highest point of contraction.

  • Romanian Deadlift Phase:

The lowering portion of the lift consists mainly of knee flexion and hip extension; yet, it is important to make sure your heels remain in contact with the floor throughout this phase. This will provide a good stretch on your hamstrings.

  • Deadlift Second Phase:

The second half of the lift begins when you push back up to the starting position. During this phase, focus on using your glutes and hamstrings. Maintain proper posture by keeping your chest high and back straight during the entire movement.

How to Romanian Deadlift (RDL) on the Smith Machine

Courtesy of Naomi Kong

Mistakes while Doing Romanian Deadlift Exercise 

1- A common mistake that people make when performing this exercise is lifting their hips too high up. To avoid this, be sure to keep your back straight and head looking forward with your eyes level.

2- Another common mistake is failing to maintain a neutral spine position during the movement. This can cause injury and lead to potential pain in the lower back if not corrected. It is important to keep proper posture throughout each phase of the lift by keeping your chest out and shoulders open (wider than your hips).

3- Your feet should be approximately shoulder width apart when performing this exercise, however it is possible for some individuals, such as crossfit athletes, who have wider stance may need to adjust accordingly. A wider stance will help increase the overall range of motion of the lift, however this is typically not needed for beginners.

4- Keep your core tight and glutes contracted throughout the entire movement to protect your back from injury and further increase contraction in the hamstring muscles. This does not mean you should be squeezing so hard that you experience discomfort in your lower back, rather it means contracting your abdominals and glutes with a slight pull inward towards your body.

5- A common mistake made when performing this exercise is bending over too much throughout each phase.

  • Make sure to keep proper posture throughout each phase by keeping chest high and shoulders open.
  • Always maintain proper form; otherwise you are defeating the purpose of training!
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