Rapid Weight Loss | Why Fad Dieting Can Be Dangerous

Fad Dieting Explained.

Lose 20 pounds in 30 days, Drop one dress size a day, rapid weight loss solutions are everywhere, and probably you have seen or maybe tried to follow some of these magical, trending diets. But let’s tell you a secret, your weight does not define your health, you do not have to starve yourself to be healthy and, when talking about fad diets, they do not even work. Weight loss is not meant to be a sprint, It is a marathon; even if you lose weight magically in a few weeks by following these fad diets, it is not permanent, your weight will come back, and you do not have to blame yourself for that, it is not you, but the flaw in fad diets, and that’s not the only downside of these diets, it could be dangerous to your health in many ways. 

Cutting Out Food Groups

Your body needs food, and with these restrictive diets, you could be missing so many essential nutrients, which can create deficiencies and health problems. If you want to avoid fast food to be healthy, bravo! But you cannot just remove carbs, protein, or even fat totally from your diet; it is not healthy; your body needs these nutrients for proper functioning. Your vitamin water or pills are not enough; you have to eat fruits, vegetables, grains, and protein sources. 

Fad Diest Can Cause Weight Gain

Fad diets can cause weight gain; Yeah, you read it right. You are following a new trendy diet, check your weight, and the weight scale is in your favor, you get more motivated and think finally, I have found the secret to the rapid weight loss, but I have bad news for you; your weight will come back even with some few extra pounds. The initial rapid weight loss that you experience is not your fat but water weight, and with so much restriction and low caloric eating your, body goes in survival mode; your metabolism slows down. The slow metabolism means you are going to burn fewer calories. So, you are likely to gain weight faster than you did before the fad diet. 

You Will Get Tired Quickly

One of the most obvious; side effects of fad dieting is feeling weakness, fatigue, and grumpy. Fad diets are often missing carbohydrates or carbs; your brain and muscles need them for energy to function normally, and with such severe restrictions on carbs, you can feel tired and low all the time as your body is saving energy for basic functions. 

Fad diets are a big No, and many nutrition experts and doctor they don’t recommend these diets. So what is the right way to lose weight? Well, Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet with an active lifestyle is key to a healthy weight loss. You may not get your desired results in a few weeks but, slow and steady wins the race; it will not harm your body, you will feel good about yourself, and most importantly, it will be permanent. Eat healthily, be active and enjoy a healthy life because you deserve it. 

The Truth about Fad Diets by Demystifying Medicine
Charlotte Brown

Charlotte is a certified nutritionist and a nurse with great experience in the health and fitness industry. Charlotte takes pride in sharing her knowledge and skills to provide her audience with all the information needed to help them reach their goals. Charlotte believes that life is a balance of healthy food and naughty moments.

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