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Nine of The Best Kettlebell Workouts For Women
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Nine of The Best Kettlebell Workouts For Women

9 of The Best Kettlebell Training Workouts For Women

Strength training and kettlebell workouts, synonymous with resistance or weight training, stands as a cornerstone in physical fitness. It’s engineered to bolster muscular fitness by leveraging resistance or weights to incite muscular contraction.

Kettlebell workouts, like their dumbbell counterparts, are designed to achieve these same goals, offering a versatile and effective approach to sculpting muscles, enhancing strength, and promoting overall well-being.

According to physical therapist Tyler Hewett, DPT, kettlebell training provides various workout options and targets different muscle groups. Hewett suggests that kettlebells offer diversity in workouts and challenge muscles in unique ways.

This perspective is supported by the International Sports Sciences Association, which acknowledges kettlebell exercises’ ability to engage the whole body through functional movements, enhancing balance, strength, and overall muscle endurance.

In This Kettlebell Workout Guide

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Key Takeaways

Holistic Muscle Engagement: The ten kettlebell strength training exercises delineated hone in on diverse muscle groups, fostering comprehensive muscle strength, endurance, and size.

Adaptable Fitness Regimen: Assimilating these exercises into a workout regimen 2-3 times weekly presents women of all ages and fitness strata with the chance to sculpt muscles, amplify strength, and augment overall well-being.

Progressive Methodology: Commence with lighter kettlebells and progressively amplify the weight. This, coupled with an emphasis on proper form and technique, helps with a safer progression and mitigates injury risks.

9 of The Best Kettlebell Workouts

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Strength training stands as an indispensable facet of any fitness regimen, proffering a gamut of benefits tailored to women across age spectrums and fitness thresholds. Whether the aim is muscle sculpting, strength amplification, or overall well-being enhancement, the integration of efficacious kettlebell strength training workouts is pivotal.

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Here are some of the paramount kettlebell strength training exercises, custom-crafted for women:

Kettlebell Squats

  • Target Muscles: Quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and core.
  • How-To: Assume a stance with feet shoulder-width apart, clutching kettlebells at your sides. Descend by flexing your knees and retracting your hips, mimicking a seated posture. Maintain an erect chest and straight back. Revert to the initial position by exerting force through your heels.

Kettlebell Lunges

  • Target Muscles: Quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and core.
  • How-To: Grip a kettlebell in each hand, advance with one leg, and lower your body until both knees achieve a 90-degree bend. Ensure the leading knee refrains from protruding beyond your toes. Propel back to the starting stance by pushing through your lead heel and alternate sides.

Kettlebell Deadlifts

  • Target Muscles: Hamstrings, glutes, lower back, and core.
  • How-To: Stand with feet hip-width apart, clutching kettlebells in front of your thighs with an overhand grip. Hinge at the hips while maintaining a straight back, descending the kettlebells towards the floor. Engage your glutes and hamstrings to restore to the initial stance.

Kettlebell Rows

  • Target Muscles: Upper back, encompassing the rhomboids, traps, and rear deltoids.
  • How-To: Grasp a kettlebell in each hand with an overhand grip, hinge at the hips with a slight knee bend, and lower the weights towards the ground. Draw the kettlebells towards your chest, contracting your shoulder blades, then steadily lower them back down.

Kettlebell Glute Bridges

  • Target Muscles: Glutes, hamstrings, and core.
  • How-To: Lie supine with knees bent and feet planted, cradling a kettlebell on your hips. Elevate your hips towards the ceiling by pressing through your heels until your body forms a straight line from shoulders to knees. Descend under control and repeat.

Kettlebell Chest Press

  • Target Muscles: Chest, shoulders, and triceps.
  • How-To: Recline on a bench with kettlebells in hand, aligned directly above your chest with arms elongated. Lower the kettlebells until your elbows form a 90-degree angle, then push them upward to the starting position, contracting your chest at the apex.

Kettlebell Shoulder Press

  • Target Muscles: Shoulders, triceps, and upper chest.
  • How-To: Perch on a bench with a backrest, holding kettlebells at shoulder level with palms facing forward. Hoist the kettlebells overhead until arms extend fully, then lower them with control.

Kettlebell Bicep Curls

  • Target Muscles: Biceps.
  • How-To: Stand with kettlebells in hand, palms oriented forward, and elbows proximate to your sides. Curl the kettlebells towards your shoulders while keeping elbows stationary, then lower them deliberately.

Kettlebell Tricep Extensions

  • Target Muscles: Triceps.
  • How-To: Stand or sit with a kettlebell in one hand, elevating it overhead. Bend your elbow to lower the kettlebell behind your head until your forearm parallels the ground, then extend your arm to hoist it upward.

Kettlebell Side Lateral Raises

  • Target Muscles: Shoulders (lateral deltoids).
  • How-To: Stand with kettlebells in hand, palms facing inward. Elevate the kettlebells outwards until they attain shoulder height, maintaining a slight elbow bend. Lower under control.

Add these kettlebell strength training exercises into your workout routine 2-3 times weekly, interspersed with adequate rest and recovery periods. Initiate with lighter kettlebells and progressively augment the weight as proficiency and comfort with the movements accrue.

Prioritize impeccable form and technique to optimize efficacy and diminish the likelihood of injury. With steadfast dedication and consistency, women can actualize their strength training aspirations and bolster their overall health and fitness.


The enumerated repertoire of ten kettlebell strength training exercises proffers a holistic approach to fortifying distinct muscle groups, augmenting overall muscle strength, endurance, and size. From squats and lunges to deadlifts and chest presses, these exercises cater to women striving to sculpt muscles, amplify strength, and enhance overall well-being.

Adding kettlebell workouts into your fitness regimen 2-3 times weekly, coupled with ample rest and recovery interludes, is recommended. Commencing with lighter kettlebells and progressively upscaling the weight fosters progression while mitigating injury risks. Emphasizing proper form and technique is imperative for optimizing efficacy and realizing strength training goals.

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