How to Select Athletic Shoes for Your Workout Exercises?

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Indoor Fitness, Running or Training Shoes?

What to look for when buying shoes for your next indoor workout? In recent decades, most of the world has been hit by a global running fever where you’ll find endless guides on how to find the perfect running outfits and hours of youtube reviews for each running shoe model put to the market to satisfy the demand for any corner of the running society, to help you find the best running shoes whether it be running across continents to running shoes for your kids.

But how do you find the most suitable shoes for the trips to your local gym? Here’s a few tips on how to find your new fitness buddies and indoor cross training shoes for your workouts in the gym.

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The Difference Between Training & Running

You will find the difference between training shoes and running shoes inside the shoe itself, although for most people it seems that everyone runs around in running shoes when they train in the gym. And, for most newcomers in the gym it’s also the case and most common choice, just jumping into the latest cool looking running shoes while going to the gym.

Depending on the exercises, and your level of seriousness, you’ll not be more direct exposed for injuries or slower results by choosing gym shoes after the latest design, but you’ll definitely feel a difference if you’re serious about results. Today’s shoe manufacturers are not spending millions on research and development for the fun of entertaining you, it’s record breaking inventions for professional athletes that you can benefit from whether you’re at the gym to be an extraordinary performer or at the just stay fit with the most of comfort while doing your favourite exercises.

The Construction of Training Shoes

The biggest difference you will find in the construction of the shoe: A training shoe is produced with a direct focus on protecting your feet when you train in the gym, with heavy weights, going to Crossfit or other similar efforts. The sole is built differently than on your running shoes.

Your training shoes do not have to worry about uneven surfaces in nature, mud and other dirt that outdoor running shoes are designed for, on the other hand, training shoes are designed for varied exercises indoors in a training center with an even surface and other aids that can assist with isolated exercises.

As with the endless selection of running shoes for different purposes, training shoes are just as different as running shoes, where elements such as sole, outer fabric and flexibility vary greatly from shoe to shoe.

Here’s the difference between Walking, Running and Cross-Training Shoes.

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What Should You Look for In a Training Shoe?

If strength training or fitness is not the only thing you jump into the gym for, but would like a shoe that can do a bit of everything, there are a few general elements you should be aware of before shopping your new gym shoes.

Your new training shoes should be flexible and allow natural movements. If you are a fan of the cross-fit wave, it is good if the shoes can handle the many movements during the intensive training. The sole is also crucial to avoid slip injuries during your workout. Your training shoes should have a good and well crafted sole.

Your shoes should be light. To give you the best training experience, the weight of the shoe is of great importance for you to maintain your training. The latest Fila Bricks Blocks or Gucci’s attempts to make Sneakers will quickly hold you back from getting back into the gym again as planned, just because your gym sessions becomes uncomfortable annoying.

Your training shoes should be breathable. Your feet should be able to breathe during half and full hours of training so that your feet do not overheat before you start. Training shoes with mesh fabrics as an upper that ventilates your feet during training, is something your feet will thank you for every time you train.

Your shoes should be stable and provide good support. So even though your shoes need to be flexible, it is also necessary that they support your feet properly so that you avoid injury.

The most important thing is that the training shoes fit you and that the shoes are comfortable to wear. If you do not feel they fit well, it is secondary whether they are called training shoes or running shoes. First choice is a great fit. And, make sure you are happy about the design.

Choose Gym Shoes Matching Your Workouts

If you do fitness with a good mix of cardio, machines, free weights and floor exercises, then it is important that you find a light and airy shoe, produced in soft materials and with a focus on good shock absorption. Shoes that have a sole that provides fantastic energy return and shock absorption are perfect for everyday fitness.

If you do dedicated strength training with a focus on heavy lifts such as deadlifts or squats, you can choose a shoe with a flat sole that has a good feel with the floor and wide contact surfaces. Choose a shoe that provides plenty of grip so you stand firmly on the floor.

It can be a good idea to have several types of training shoes that suit the day’s exercises, or even change shoes during training to achieve better results. As with running shoes, there are different training shoes for different exercises, types of training and mats.

It is important that you know which workout you have in front of you. It is recommended that you invest in good cross training training shoes or even several types of shoes if you are a heavy lifter in the gym.

Cheap copies from supermarkets and brands you have not heard of before do not have the same ballast, technology and science built into the shoe, and the cheap materials may not give you the necessary support, quality or longevity for the shoe you need. Why custom made sports shoes and training shoes at the expensive end of the scale are worth investing in. It’s your fitness and well being.

Fraser from the Global Triathlon Network has made a visit to On’s Facilities to give you an idea of what goes into creating running shoes …

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