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How to Remove all Your Makeup Pre-Workout?
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How to Remove all Your Makeup Pre-Workout?

Workout Beauty Tips for a Flawless Skin.

Skincare has undergone a radical transformation over the last few years. Routines range from a simple wash and moisturise to complicated 12-step rituals. Regardless of your skincare routine, it’s considered good practice to skip makeup before working out.

When you work out, you are going to sweat. And when you sweat, your pores are open. This is because your body releases toxins and excess liquid through the pores when you sweat. If you have makeup on now, it would be effortless for it to get lodged into your pores and block them. They can also trap any dirt that you might pick up while exercising. This will definitely irritate your pores and cause breakouts.

So what are the best ways to remove your makeup before a workout? Read on to find out.

Micellar Water

Micellar water has been the greatest addition to modern skincare. It is a great way to remove makeup without needing to rinse your face afterwards, which is great if you’re pressed for time. Micellar water works by using tiny micelles (oil molecules) to lift away the dirt, oil, and makeup from your skin. It is easy on your skin, quick, and works very well. And you can save the time and effort it would take to get to a sink at the gym because you don’t need to rinse this off.

Double Cleanse

It’s not very easy to get makeup off, especially if you’ve got a full face on. However, double cleansing is a great way to ensure that your skin is safe from the clogging and irritation of makeup during a workout. You can use cleansing devices, milk or water-based cleansers, or even specialised products along with the micellar water. This will make sure that all the makeup and dirt has been lifted off your skin.

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Makeup Wipes

When you don’t have any time and can’t access micellar water or other cleansers, makeup wipes are your best bet. Of course, they won’t be as gentle as micellar water. And you’ll need to use a few of them to be really thorough and make sure all the makeup has come off. But makeup wipes are definitely good in a pinch and vastly better than whatever drying soap your gym may have. Look out for moisturising makeup wipes, so you’re too harsh on your skin. In fact, you might even find micellar infused makeup wipes with all the convenience and gentleness of micellar water!

Making sure your skin is clean, and makeup-free pre-workout is the best way to keep it healthy!

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