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How To Choose The Right Leggings For Pilates
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How To Choose The Right Leggings For Pilates

The unique nature of Pilates demands attire that is both flexible and supportive. Your leggings should allow a full range of motion without slipping, rolling down, or revealing more than intended. The ideal pair acts as a second skin—adapting to your movements, providing support where necessary, and ensuring you’re covered, so your focus remains on your Pilates practice.

In the sections that follow, you’ll discover the key features to consider when choosing Pilates leggings, recommendations for top brands and products based on community favorites, and additional tips to guide your selection process. Join us on this journey to find your perfect pair of Pilates leggings, where style meets comfort and functionality to elevate your Pilates experience to new heights.

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Key Takeaways

  • Proper leggings provide necessary support, flexibility, and durability for Pilates exercises, ensuring comfort and focus by staying in place and covering the body appropriately.
  • Look for leggings that offer a stretchy yet resilient fabric, a comfortable high-waist fit, minimal seams to prevent chafing, and match your personal style for increased confidence during workouts.
  • Opt for community-approved brands like Lululemon and Athleta, and consider fit, reviews, and workout environment.

Why Leggings Matter in Your Pilates Practice

From the precision of the Hundred to the fluidity of the Roll-Up, each exercise demands attire that moves with you, ensuring that your focus remains on your form, not your clothing. Here’s why the right leggings are indispensable:

  • Supportive: Good leggings offer the support needed for your core, hips, and legs, helping to align your posture as you engage in exercises. They act as a gentle reminder to maintain your form, enhancing the efficacy of each movement.

  • Flexible: Your leggings should stretch without losing shape, accommodating the full range of motion required in exercises like the Teaser and the Swan. This flexibility is key to performing movements accurately and without restriction.

  • Durable: Pilates can put your attire through its paces, from mat work to equipment use. Leggings that are built to last can withstand the friction from reformer machines and mats, ensuring that they don’t thin out or tear when you need them most.

In your Pilates sessions, wearing inappropriate attire like shorts can significantly hinder your performance and comfort. Shorts often lack the necessary support and coverage for the diverse range of Pilates movements, leading to distractions and potential discomfort during exercises that require extensive leg movement or positions that expose more skin.

This can result in slipping on equipment, reduced focus on your form due to constant adjustments, and a heightened risk of skin irritation from equipment contact. Choosing the right leggings over shorts ensures you stay focused, comfortable, and covered, allowing you to derive the maximum benefit from every Pilates class.

Key Features to Consider When Choosing Your Pilates Leggings

There are several critical features you’ll want to keep in mind to ensure your choice enhances your practice rather than detracts from it:

Material and Fabric

Look for fabrics that are both stretchy and resilient, allowing you to move freely without losing shape. A non-slippery texture is essential to maintain your grip on Pilates equipment, while sweat-wicking properties keep you dry and comfortable throughout your session. Additionally, opt for durable materials that can withstand frequent washing without fading or thinning.

Fit and Comfort

A high waist is key for ensuring your leggings stay in place and offer ample coverage as you stretch and bend. The fit should be snug to provide support but not so tight that it restricts your movement or circulation. Remember, you’re looking for leggings that feel like a second skin—comfortable enough to wear throughout your entire workout without constant readjustments.


Beyond the basic fit and fabric, consider leggings designed with Pilates in mind. Features such as a squat-proof material ensure you’re covered no matter how deep you go into your exercises. Additionally, leggings with minimal seams or flat-seam construction can prevent chafing and discomfort, especially in poses that involve a lot of leg contact with the equipment or floor.

Style and Personal Preference

While functionality is paramount, don’t forget to choose leggings that reflect your personal style. Feeling confident and comfortable in what you’re wearing can significantly boost your motivation and enjoyment during Pilates. Whether you prefer bold patterns, vibrant colors, or classic black, select leggings that make you feel good and express your personality.

In the quest for the perfect pair of Pilates leggings, it’s invaluable to turn to real-life experiences for guidance. The recommendations provided here are unsponsored and unbiased, drawn directly from the shared experiences of Pilates practitioners like yourself.

These insights offer a genuine look at what works best in practice, rather than what’s merely promoted in advertisements. Let’s explore the brands and products that have risen to the top, not through sponsorships, but through the rigorous test of user satisfaction in the Pilates community.


  • Align Pants: A favorite for their buttery-soft fabric and flexibility, Align Pants are celebrated for making Pilates movements feel seamless and supported.
  • Wunder Train: Known for their durability and moisture-wicking technology, these leggings are a go-to for practitioners seeking a secure fit that keeps up with every stretch and pose.


  • Elation Tight: Praised for their softness and high-rise fit, the Elation Tights are a testament to comfort and stability in Pilates practice.
  • Salutation Stash Pocket Tight: These leggings combine the convenience of pockets with the beloved softness and supportive fit of Athleta’s Powervita fabric.

Alo Yoga

  • Airlift Leggings: Alo Yoga’s Airlift Leggings are lauded for their style and performance, offering a sculpting fit with moisture-wicking capabilities that cater well to Pilates enthusiasts.

Beyond Yoga

  • Spacedye Caught in the Midi High Waisted Legging: Beyond Yoga’s leggings are renowned for their ultra-soft fabric and stretchy, supportive fit, making them an excellent choice for those prioritizing comfort and mobility.

As you consider these top recommendations, remember that they come from fellow Pilates enthusiasts who have experienced these products firsthand. While no brand has sponsored these mentions, each has earned its place through positive user experiences and feedback.

Additional Tips for Choosing Leggings

As you embark on your quest to find the perfect leggings for Pilates, keep in mind these additional tips to ensure you make the best choice for your practice. These suggestions are based on the collective wisdom and experiences of the Pilates community, designed to guide you toward finding leggings that meet your specific needs and preferences.

Try Before You Buy

If possible, visit stores to try on different leggings. How a pair feels on your body can be very different from how it looks online or on a hanger. Pay attention to how they fit through various movements; a good pair should feel like a second skin without restricting your range of motions.

Read Reviews

Leverage the experiences of others by reading product reviews. Look for reviews from individuals who have used the leggings for Pilates or similar activities, as they can provide insights into how the leggings perform under conditions similar to your own use.

Consider Your Pilates Environment

The temperature and setting of your Pilates classes can influence the best type of leggings for you. If you’re practicing in a cooler environment, you might prefer leggings with a thicker fabric. Conversely, for hot Pilates or studios with higher temperatures, look for leggings with breathable, moisture-wicking properties.

Invest in Durability

While it might be tempting to go for cheaper options, investing in a pair of high-quality leggings can be more cost-effective in the long run. Look for leggings made from durable materials that resist pilling and retain their shape and elasticity after multiple washes.

Care for Your Leggings Properly

Follow the care instructions provided with your leggings to extend their lifespan. Most high-performance leggings will last longer when washed in cold water and air-dried, as high heat from washing machines and dryers can degrade the fabric over time.

Be Mindful of Return Policies

When trying new brands or styles, especially when ordering online, check the return policy. Some companies offer free returns or exchanges, which can give you the freedom to try different sizes or styles without financial risk.

Stay True to Your Style

Finally, while functionality is critical, choosing leggings that reflect your personal style can boost your confidence and enjoyment in Pilates classes. Don’t be afraid to select designs and colors that make you feel good and express your individuality.

Check How Ideally Pilates Leggings Look In This Video

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As you wrap up this guide to finding the perfect leggings for your Pilates journey, remember that the right pair is about more than just fabric and fit—it’s about how they make you feel during every stretch, bend, and pose. Your leggings should empower you to move freely, support your body’s needs, and reflect your personal style, all while keeping you comfortable and focused on your practice.

Take the insights and recommendations shared here as a starting point, drawn from the experiences of fellow Pilates enthusiasts, and use them to inform your choices.

Experiment with different brands and styles, paying attention to how each pair complements your movements and enhances your overall experience. Remember, the best leggings for you are the ones that meet your unique needs and preferences, supporting your Pilates journey in every way possible.

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