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How to Burn Calories on Leg Day?

How to Burn Calories on Leg Day?

Six Ways to Burn Calories on Leg Days.

Many women start training in order to get a nice-looking body, without much emphasis put on the muscles. Usually, there is a need for a woman to train legs in particular because that’s an important part of your body for aesthetic purposes. If you’re going to go further and want results from your workout, it’s recommended that you include some weightlifting in your leg workouts. This will help tone your muscles and strengthen them at the same time. For all women who are looking for good exercises to do so they can burn more calories while working out their legs, here are ways you can amp up your routine!

1) Squats with Kettlebells

Squats are an exercise that is often practiced by women who work out, but many of them neglect other forms of the same exercise. For example, you can hold two kettlebells at chest level, your arms straight and your feet shoulder-width apart. Then you have to lower your body until it almost touches the ground and then come back up to the starting position. If this seems too easy for you, try doing jumping squats instead – this will give an extra intensity boost to your workout!

2) Squats with Weights

If what mentioned above wasn’t enough for you because it seemed too simple, here’s another version of squats that might be more interesting for you. Start off by holding weights in each hand with your palms facing your body and stand as straight as possible, with feet shoulder-width apart. You have to lower your body until it almost touches the ground and then come back up to the starting position. When you reach the lowest point of the squat , try bringing your thighs parallel to each other – this will give you even more results!

3) Standing Hamstring Curl Machine

This is another exercise that targets your hamstrings, but without having to do any workout because it’s an assisted machine. All you have to do in order to perform this exercise is sit down on a bench and place your calves under pads so they rest securely on top. Then grab the support handles next to you for extra support before pushing back against the weight, slowly rolling back until your legs are straight. After this, you have to slowly roll back forward again to the starting position.

4) Lunge with Weights

This is another common exercise that can be done by anyone who wants to strengthen their muscles, but women usually do it without weights. An interesting twist that will lead to more results is adding weights in your hands while doing lunges . All you have to do is stand up straight and lift the weights over your head before taking a step forward as if you’re about go into a lunge . You then have to lower yourself until both knees form 90-degree angles before slowly going back up and bringing your right foot forward – repeat everything on the other side as well using your left leg. If you feel like you’re having a hard time balancing while doing this exercise, try putting your back foot on an elevated surface.

5) Squats over Bench

This is another type of squat that’s similar to the one mentioned above because it also helps build leg muscles. All you have to do is stand next to a bench with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and hold weights in each hand with your palms facing inward. Then jump onto the bench before jumping up again and coming down into a squat . Once you get the hang of this movement, try holding weights in each hand and perform squats – they will give your workout even more intensity!

6) Deadlifts with Weights

The deadlift is often considered an advanced exercise because it requires a lot of balance and coordination. If you want to strengthen your leg muscles even more, try adding weights in each hand before doing deadlifts . All you have to do is stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and keep your back straight. After this, bend forward at the hips whilst keeping your legs straight until you can place one hand on the floor – then place your other hand next to the first one while staying in that position. Then lift up slowly by straightening your legs again before going back down into that original position where you started.

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