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Home Gym Made From Walnut Wood and Real Bronze

Home Gym Made From Walnut Wood and Real Bronze

Luxury Home Gym

The Best Hand Made Bespoke Gym Equipment 

Everything a exclusive home gym and personal studio should have. The Luxury Gym Equipment brand PENT.  has everything an exclusive home gym and personal studio should have, perfect angle, curve and exclusive stainless steel finish. The oiled walnut provides a firm grip and is very hygienic, with no harmful substances being passed on to the user when they perspire. 

PENT is creating unique fitness equipment for demanding and sophisticated fitness lovers, appreciating a designer furniture looking for luxury home gym.

Bespoke & Handmade

Hand made products created for your individual order, and delivered to you around the world. Every piece of PENT collection can be customized according to your needs.  You can change the leather color, select the type of wood or type of metal.

​Every piece of PENT is made-to-order from start to finish by our qualified craftsman. Personalised items are made in limited quantities from durable fabrics, making each item exceptional. Read more about PENT here

Luxury Home Gym Equipment from PENT
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