Great Workouts to Lose Fat Post-Pregnancy

Post-Pregnancy Workout Basics.

Weight gain during pregnancy is normal. But once it’s over, all women are eager to lose their post-baby weight. But it’s easier said than done. Losing weight after pregnancy is difficult as your whole life changes. It’s stressful to recover from childbirth, take care of the newborn, and adjust to a new lifestyle. In addition, mom life can be hectic, especially for a new mother. So getting back to a healthy weight is very important after pregnancy, especially if you want to plan another pregnancy in the future.

Despite all the difficulties, losing fat after pregnancy can be done easily if we start gently. Using simple exercises and moderate control of the diet, we can achieve this goal. Below is a list of few post-pregnancy workouts to lose fat.

8-Minute Post-Pregnancy Workout


Bridging exercises are a great way to tone your tummy, hips, and hamstring. Not only you’ll lose belly fat, but it’ll also help strengthen your core muscles. Do three sets of 10. Another great exercise to strengthen the core and lose that belly fat is Planks. You can perform regular plank and side plank to cover the whole core area. Start by holding your pose for 30 secs and take it up to 1 minute. Take 30 secs of rest in between. Repeat 4-5 times. Combine bridge exercise with planks to get quicker results.

2) Legs

Start by walking for 15 minutes. It is an easy workout and a great way to warm up your body. After that, start with squats. It’s a great fat-burning-come-toning workout—squat three sets of 16. Once you are done with squats, it’s time for Carving Curtsy, which targets the inner thigh area. It also works the abs, buttocks, quads, and hamstrings. Perform three sets of 10.

3) Arms

Start with Arm circles. It’s a great exercise to lose arm fat and tone up and tighten the stretched skin. It targets several areas such as the shoulder, biceps, and triceps. Perform 3 sets of 20 in each direction. You can finish your arm workout with Tricep dips. It’s a great exercise to strengthen your triceps muscles and burn the dangling fat.

4) Hip

Start with simple exercises that will help in toning down the hips. Such as squats, side lunges, and leg raises. Then, to improve the strength of your hips, you can do set-ups with weights. For example, perform 3 sets of 10. As you build your strength further, you can perform more advanced exercises.

Apart from all these, swimming is a great way to lose post-pregnancy fat.

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