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Get Ready for Your Next Handball Match
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Get Ready for Your Next Handball Match


Women’s Handball Outfit Guide, How Get Ready For Your Next Handball Match.

Handball also known as Team handball or Field ball is a game consisting of two teams having seven players in each team. It includes six players and one goalkeeper. In this game, the players pass a ball to other teammates using their hands with the aim of throwing it into the goal of the competitor’s team. Another team tries to stop you to goal. 

A standard handball match consists of two intervals of 30 minutes, and the team that scores the maximum goals wins. Everyone is required to wear the same sort of clothes apart from the goalkeeper who can wear a different colored t-shirt so that the referee can distinguish between the two teams.

The types of equipment used in handball are very similar to volleyball, basketball or any other indoor court sport. The unique types of equipment used in handball are handball wax and finger tapes. You have to be in a proper handball uniform in the handball game or else you could get fined.

Women’s handball outfit

Handball jerseys are very soft, lightweight half-sleeved T-shirts followed by shorts that are worn by both teams. The international handball federation rule states that female athletes should wear bikini bottoms with a maximum of 10 centimeters approximately 3.9 inches.

Apart from this uniform, you must have the following type of equipment so that you don’t injure yourself.

Ankle support

There is a high possibility of getting your ankle sprained that’s why you should be wearing ankle support to safeguard yourself from such an injury.

Arm sleeves

Arm sleeves are thin and tight sleeves that are worn around your arms. They are used to avoid burns and cuts that could happen by falling over the floor. Plus, if you are a woman then they can also help you in fashion. You could pick some very colorful and bright arm sleeves that compliment your attire and make you look different.

Ball Bags

They are huge bags that are used to carry multiple amounts of balls. They are useful during your practice.


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Kneepads are worn over the knees. They are used to protect your knees from an injury that could happen by falling over the ground.

Finger tapes

It is a thin tape that is used to balance the injuries and controls them from becoming worse.

Hand Wax

It is used worldwide by all handball players. It helps in strengthening the player’s grip on the ball. It’s important to have a proper grip for effective throwing and catching of the ball.

Choosing an attire for your handball game is not an easy task especially if you are a woman. But you could always choose some fun and vibrant colors that match your personality and make you look astonishing even if it’s for a handball game.

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