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Get Dressed for Your Next Hiking Trip

Get Dressed for Your Next Hiking Trip


Women’s Hiking Outfit, Get Ready For Your Next Hiking Trip.

A mountain is a paradise on earth. Mother nature looks best when dressed in green. Or white, when it snows. Can we ever stop raving about the allure and enchantment that a peak inspires in the heart of a mortal? Hikes, dauntingly beautiful as they are make for the most rewarding experiences. We present you a list of outfit necessities to make the attainment of that summit dream easier.


  • Forest and mountain trails are full of flora and fauna – exotic and unseen. It is not uncommon to catch an allergy or develop a rash that might leave you wondering about what could have caused it. It is hence wise to wear full sleeved clothes to limit tactile exposure to allergens and mosquitoes.
  • Choose fabrics that drive sweat off the skin.
  • There are shirts that come with built-in sun protection. They save you from the labor of slathering sunscreens all over your body.
  • While layering, remember to use warmer dark base layers for cold weathers. Prefer the opposite in warm climates. The mid layer must add more heat while the upper layer is meant to resist rain and strong winds.


  • Go for moisture wicking socks.
  • Choose hiking boots if you want a pair that keeps your legs warm on cold hikes, has great traction and lasts really long. Hiking boots have lugs that help you navigate slippery surfaces without fear of losing balance.
  • You could also trek wearing some lightweight trail runners. They look cool and are quite breathable. Carry a pair in your backpack too. It might come in handy if first pair gets damaged due to some reason.
  • You must keep three things in mind while narrowing down your trek shoe list – Distance to be covered, weather conditions and terrain.
  • Do trial walks in your locale wearing your hiking shoes and socks. It will help you to understand if you need another size. And if the shoe fits well, you will get adapted to walking while wearing it.


  • A phone with compatible power banks to make sure you never get lost. Get a compass as a backup – just in case your phone misbehaves. Don’t forget to carry a map.
  • Tame the sun with some head shaders – caps, hats or scarves. Pack a raincoat too.
  • We advise you to carry two watches, should you hit your hand on a rock and end up destroying the watch.

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