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Get Dressed for Your Next Cycling Trip

Get Dressed for Your Next Cycling Trip


Women’s Cycling Outfit, Get Ready for Your Next Cycling Trip.

Imagine searing through the cold winter air on a bicycle – the wind playing with your tresses as the sun rises up above the facade of green vegetation. Visualize hearing to sparrow chirp songs as your cycle paces into the woods. Such moments of uninterrupted bliss make living worthwhile. All you need to feel this is – a bicycle, few comfortable wearables and lovely mother nature. So, we have made you a checklist of wardrobe prerogatives to abide by before you can march on to your next biking expedition.

The helmet is non-negotiable

We know you need not be reminded of this extremely important accessory but do let us tell you more about it. A good biking helmet besides reducing the risk of head injuries by 66-83%, It also protects against dehydration in hot sunny afternoons. Its spindly build helps in better aerodynamics thereby reducing air friction which contributes to speed increment.

Knee cap pads

Three points to consider while selecting a good knee pad – shock proofing ability, fit and ease of fastening or removal. choose brands like Royal Enfield for the best quality assurance.

Jackets and Raincoats

There is a high chance of you feeling cold on icy mornings or sub – zero nights. Fleece jackets with dead air layers will help you tide over sub – optimal weathers. Similarly, to avoid the impact of rain carry a rain coat. And don’t forget to take that backpack rain shield.

Multifarious clothing

The whole point of biking is to enjoy the wind, the scenic countrysides and feel free. Hence, its important to keep backpack heaviness and ease of portability in view while packing clothes for the trip. Find versatile many-ways-to-use pieces that can be paired and mixed with other garments to create fresh new looks.

 As far as color and design is concerned – you can do a million experiments. Twin with nature in coordinated zingy green shorts and tee or cool off the heat with whites. Perk up the game with matching or contrasting shoes. 

Sunglasses, Shoes and watch

Invest in anti glare water repellent glasses. They help you view the road ahead by blocking off direct sun rays when the sun dances on top of your head. They will also not let raindrops get into your eyes. Choose shoes that amalgamate stiffness, flexibility and durability into a perfect sized fit for your feet. The watch must preferably be digital and resistant to rugged use and tear. Ensure that it has the maximum water damage resistance.

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