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Functional Strength, what is it & what are its Benefits?
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Functional Strength, what is it & what are its Benefits?

Functional Strength Training Explained.

Functional strength training is one of the most important exercises that women can do to improve their overall health and fitness. This type of training focuses on strengthening the muscles that are used in everyday activities, such as carrying groceries or lifting a child. Functional strength training has many benefits for women, including improved posture, increased muscle mass, and better overall health.

This article will discuss what functional strength training is and how it can benefit women!

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What is Functional Strength Training?

Functional strength training are exercises that improve one’s ability to perform daily activities or other athletic movements. Functional strength exercises target not only the muscles of the upper body but also those in the lower part of your body. This type of training can help you with carrying heavy bags over short distances, for example. Also, functional strength workouts help improve coordination and balance. This means that you will have less chance of getting injured while doing day-to-day activities or playing sports because your muscles are now strong enough to handle it.

Benefits of Functional Strength Training: 

1) Flexibility 

Functional strength training exercises will help increase your range of motion, which can prevent flexibility from decreasing as you age.

2) Posture 

Since most functional strength exercises mimic movements that are similar to daily activities, they strengthen muscles that promote optimal alignment and a healthy posture. This will reduce the likelihood of injuries by maintaining the natural curves in the spine.

3) Freedom

Functional exercises are based on the movements of the human body, not requiring any additional equipment. This means that you can train anywhere and anytime, with or without supervision.

4) Safe

Functional Strength Training is safe for children as well as older adults because it promotes stability, coordination, endurance and strength in muscles, joints and bones which are essential for activities of daily living.

5) Enhances coordination and balance 

Functional strength exercises are designed to mimic real life movements, using various muscle groups which results in more efficient workouts. This means that it will burn more calories than traditional weightlifting exercises.

6) Helps reduce chances of injury

Functional Strength Training will improve your sport performance because it enhances coordination and balance, which improves the fluidity of movement.

7) Enhances sport performance

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Functional Strength Training helps reduce the chances of injury because it strengthens muscles which support joints and bones, making them more stable.

8) Reduces stress on joints

Functional strength training exercises are easy on your body because you train the muscles in a natural range of motion. It is also less likely to cause injuries than traditional weight lifting due to its emphasis on balance, stability, endurance and coordination. Thus, functional strength training reduces stress on your joints while strengthening connective tissues around your joints which can prevent future injury.           

9) Modifiable 

The best thing about functional strength exercises is that they can be modified according to one’s ability level. So whether you’re just starting out or trying to increase the intensity of your workout, there will always be an exercise that’s perfect for you.

10) Fun 

Functional strength exercises can be fun! By using your own body as resistance, it forces you to use not only the muscles in your arms and legs but also those in your core, which give you a holistic workout. This can help improve coordination and balance because you engage both sides of the body to complete the movements. Also, functional strength training avoids causing injury due to its emphasis on proper form and technique during each exercise.

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