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Essential Running Gear for Beginners
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Essential Running Gear for Beginners

Running Clothing Check List for Women.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro runner, we all have wondered about what to wear when heading out for a run. It has happened to all of us at some point. Running is becoming a popular way to stay healthy and fit. Women are increasingly participating in this activity. So, it seems natural that the market is now flooded with different apparel and gears for running. It doesn’t matter whether you are jogging in January or sprinting in June; there is perfect athletic wear available for the occasion. We have come a long way in women’s athletic wear. From moisturizing tops to bras that support all cup sizes, the options are many and broad. However, finding the right outfit can be challenging.

If you are not sure what to wear while out for a run, here are some suggestions. These suggestions will make your run as comfortable and safe as possible. Running clothes are lightweight and are designed to move with your body. They are usually made up of high-grade nylon, wool, or polyester fibres.

Running Socks

Avoid wearing pure cotton socks as they won’t allow moisture to escape if your feet sweat. Instead, wear polyester or acrylic socks. If you are running in winter, you can choose from various woollen blends. Depending on your style, you can wear low ankle socks or long compression socks that go up to your knees.

Sports Bras

Make sure you wear a good and supportive sports bra that is designed for high-impact activities. In addition, make sure it has sufficient compression and pockets to keep small things such as cash or lip balm.

Sleeveless or Short-Sleeves Top

Make sure it provides a good flow of air that allows you to breathe and keeps you cool. If you are heading out for a long run, then wear a light t-shirt.


To prevent becoming too hot and sweaty, loose shorts are a good idea. You can also wear lightweight compression leggings or anti-chafing shorts. If you are running in winter, 3/4th or full-length compression tights are recommended. Compression clothing may help speed up your recovery after a run. To some runners, it also gives a feeling of support when they wear it.

Running Jacket

Only recommended if you are running during the rain or in winters. When the temperature drops, opt for a padded jacket or a vest, worn with compression and a heat-trapping top underneath. During rain, wear a light waterproof running jacket with a hood.

Sun Protection

If there is a risk of sunburn, you can opt for SPF clothing and wear a hat while running.

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