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Do Anti-Cellulite Creams Really Work?
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Do Anti-Cellulite Creams Really Work?

Anti-Cellulite Products Combined with Workout.

This is an era of body positivity. The long-drawn debate about idealistic body standards for a woman has ended. Instead, we officially embrace and fall in love with all body types – petite, thin, fat, plump or pears. All are beautiful, and all are welcome. Cellulite, too, has been a part of this body debate, with many advocates indicating that its presence does not implicate ugliness. We agree. But here’s another view. Not all cellulite is good. And although it is perfectly acceptable and fine to embrace what you are right now, it’s also perfectly fine to aspire for lesser body fat by cellulite elimination. This is not because we prescribe to toxic beauty standards but because everyone deserves to stay in good health and fitness. So here are a few benefits.


The bumpy look of cellulite skin is due to the water between the fat cells. Caffeine helps drain that water temporarily, thus firming the surface and making it look smoother.


Bladderwrack works best when used with another anti-cellulite agent. It’s a diuretic that dried and dehydrated the water between fat globules and has the same effect as caffeine on the skin. However, using a cellulite cream with many dehydrating agents is better since it multiplies the effect and results.

Citrus Extracts

The best natural anti-cellulite agent is citric acid. Besides, they also impart a zingy scent to your cream.

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How to Combine Them with Exercise?

When used with exercise, the creams will yield more results for the simple reason that we are using two guns to shoot one stone here. In addition, both exercise and anti-cellulite gels help in fat reduction, so you might find the whole business of fat removal easier if you couple the cream application with workouts.

If your cellulite cream has a viscous texture, apply it during the night when you go to sleep or preferably when you are home. Please make sure you wear clothes that cover the application area; otherwise, you will end up smearing it everywhere. If the cream has a light texture, consider using it anytime during the day. This could be after you take a shower when you come from the gym or in the evening. Make sure your skin is clean from sweat and dirt before you apply it. It’s better to use them after workouts when you have cleaned and freshened up.

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