Barbell Workout for Women

Tone Up With These Five Exercises

The best way to step up your game at the gym is by going for the weights. Women rock the game at cardio and high-intensity training. We do shy away from the weights, but that is why the Barbell workout makes it easy for you. These five exercises are sure to tighten and tone. Barbell workouts are also great to build your strength. Please also remember that Barbell workouts won’t make you big and bulky!

The Sweet Barbell Squat 

Squats are a great way to build both upper and lower body strength. To do a barbell squat correctly, keep your chest up and head facing forward and support the barbell on top of your traps.

Keep your legs apart (hip-width apart), and flex your knees. Please be sure to keep your knees in line with the feet. Keeping the weight in front of your heels, sit back into your hips. Now use your core and hips to move yourself up. Repeat. Keep your torso as upright as possible for best results.

The Fat Burning Barbell Deadlift 

The deadlift is sure to build endurance and burn fat. The barbell is centered over your feet in this exercise. Keep your legs hip-width apart like in the previous workout. Remember to bend your knees and grab the weight with an overhand grip while keeping your hands shoulder-length apart.

It is important to lift with the help of your glutes and legs to pull yourself up. Do not use your back for this workout. Instead, lift the weight so that you are standing straight up and come back down slowly again.

The Bent-Over Barbell Row 

Keep your feet shoulder-width apart, stand behind the barbell, and your feet should be under the barbell. Now bend your knees and push your hips back. Use an overhand grip to hold the barbell, with the grip being shoulder-length apart. Push through your heels to stand up while keeping the back straight. Your legs need to be extended, and make sure the torso is upright. Bring your chest forward and hinge forward at the hips and bring the barbell down below the knees while pushing the glutes back. Use mid-back now to pull the bar up to your lower chest while being guided by your elbows. Remember to squeeze your shoulder blades. Go back to your starting position in a controlled fashion.

The Upright Barbell Row

This is best to build your trap muscles. Begin by standing with your feet hip-width apart and stand up straight. Now hold the barbell with an overhand grip. Using the sides of your shoulder to lift and elbows while raising, use an overhand grip to bring the bar up to your chin level—lower back to the starting position.

The Overhead Barbell Press 

This is unique because it can be done either while sitting or standing up. Only make sure that your body is tight while doing this. Hold the bar with your hands while keeping it wider than shoulder-width and above your chest. Now extend your elbows and take the bar up to the ceiling. You can either go back to your starting position or behind your neck and liftback from there.

Full Body Barbell Workout at Home by Penny Barnshaw

Ruby Taylor

Ruby is a professional fitness coach and a motivational person, who worked for some of the U.K's best Gyms, and helped many women to reach their fitness and health goals throughout her career. Ruby is committed to sharing all her knowledge to help you get the fitness results you dream of.

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