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Are Compound Movement Exercises Good for Women?
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Are Compound Movement Exercises Good for Women?

10 Benefits of Compound Movement Exercises for Women.

When it comes to training, there are many different schools of thought. Some people believe that women should only do light weight exercises, while others think that women should lift heavy weights in order to build mass. The truth is that both of these approaches have their benefits. In this article, you will discover the 10 benefits of compound movement exercises for women who want to build mass!

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1) Provide you with more strength for your back

The reason why compound movements are so advantageous is because they work several muscles at the same time and allow you to use heavier weights lessening your risk of injuries. Compound movements also help build functional mass, which is necessary for daily activities like carrying groceries, moving furniture and maintaining good posture as you age.

2) Providing better results in a shorter period of time

Targeting multiple muscle groups allows you to burn calories faster reducing the overall amount of training volume required to achieve your goals. This means that you can train more often and potentially even spend less time per session! In turn this should increase the potential for satisfaction as it increases motivation.

3) Saving time

Unless you train for a living, time is a valuable commodity. Training should include compound exercises because they allow you to work more muscles at a time and save time between training sessions by spending less time per muscle group! This means that you can spend more quality time with friends and family without feeling guilty about missing an important event or putting your health at serious risk.

4) Put the focus on clean bulk

Training with compounds allows for proper form as it places the emphasis on moving from Point A to Point B as opposed to isolation movements where ‘cheating’ plays a major role in their execution. In turn this helps prevent injuries by increasing strength whilst decreasing the chance of injury due to improper form. When starting out, it’s advisable to use compound exercises with lighter weights for higher reps, as they are safer and provide a better foundation.

5) Compound movements are universal

Compound movement exercises tend to have many more functional carryover applications compared to their isolation counterparts. This means that these exercises are less specific in nature making them great for fat loss, muscle gain or improving overall athletic performance!

6) Building bigger triceps

Targeting multiple muscles allows you to work at angles which don’t require isolation exercise. For example if your goal is to build bigger triceps stick with curl variations instead of french press variations where the same muscles are not targeted. Doing this will allow you to improve your bicep size as opposed to the french press which is a great muscle but not needed for that goal.

7) Working with your natural body shape

Using compound movements allows you to move your body through its full range of motion without assistance from machines or cables etc… This type of training builds neuromuscular coordination, increased functional strength and improved postural alignment! In turn this can give you a more aesthetically pleasing physique come beach season.

8) Exercising through pregnancy safely

When pregnant, it’s important to continue exercising despite what you might have been led to believe by over-zealous trainers. It’s safe during all three trimesters of pregnancy as long as proper formand breathing techniques are used and you engage your core. This will ensure that the exercises do not put excess pressure on the abdomen which could cause injury to both the mother and her unborn child.

9) Sculpting a better looking body

Compound movements allow for greater amounts of time under tension, as there is more ‘time’ between Point A and B because they involve several different muscle groups. The result? Tighter muscles! Not only women training but men too! If this isn’t enough reason to grab those dumbbells and start squatting check out 10 Benefits of Compound Movement Exercises  to build mass and; burn fat

10) Getting leaner, faster

Performing high volume, high frequency workouts builds muscle mass that is leaner than isolation exercises meaning that you can have the best of both worlds! The added benefit being that by burning more calories through compound movements you will achieve a reduced body fat percentage.

Compound movement exercises are great for developing overall functional strength, they allow you to work multiple muscles in unison which saves time and in turn leaves you with a faster metabolism.

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