3 Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing Your Sports Bra

Your Guide to Find Comfortable Sports Bra.

Staying fit, building strength, developing endurance and keeping your health up – are all fantastic reasons to exercise.

Regardless of whether you’re into strength training or running, sports bras are a fitness essential. Even gentle movement puts a lot of strain on the ligaments that support your breasts. These ligaments have a hard job already, as they’re working against gravity. But when you’re exercising, your breasts can move from side to side and in the shape of figure eight, causing a lot of undue stress. Just like any other gear, your sports bras have to be right for your body and the type of movement you’re engaging in.

Here’s a list of things to keep in mind when you’re choosing the right sports bra.

The Level of Support

Depending on the activity you’re doing, you’ll need more support. Low impact activities like yoga or strength training require far less support; A low-medium impact bra will most likely work on compression principles. A bra like this offers support by holding your breasts to your chest,

Bras made for higher impact activities like running will have more defined cups and encapsulate each breast and support them. They might also use compression to ensure maximum support during the activity.

The Right Size

Sometimes women tend to pick smaller sizes for sports bras, believing that these will help with compression and support. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. If you’re in-between sizes, it is, of course, advised that you pick a smaller size when it comes to sports bras. But as a general rule, getting the right size is crucial. Wearing a full size smaller than what you need results in spillage, chafing, and the band riding up your back. None of these things offers support, and in fact, may make things a lot worse. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that the fit is exactly right when it comes to all your exercise gear, and especially your bras.


Depending on your needs, you’ll have to check the elasticity of the straps, bands, side panels and cups. The more rigid they are, the more support you’ll get. But if they’re too rigid, they’ll restrict your muscles and make breathing difficult. Ideally, you should be able to slide a finger under the band underneath and pull it, but not more than one inch. When you try it on, make sure the bra offers you a snug fit and easy to move and take deep breaths.

Over time, your bra will wear out, so make sure you invest in reputable brands with great fabric!

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