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15 Great Foods for Weight Gain
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15 Great Foods for Weight Gain

Nutritious Foods & Methods for a Healthy Weight Gain

Being Underweight

Normally a lean person is considered to be healthier. But being underweight can lead to health issues in some people & a matter of concern especially for your Doctor. The common health issues experienced by an underweight person are:

·        Impotency

·        Developmental disability

·        Weak Immune system

·        Osteoporosis

·        Can face complications during surgery

·        Malnutrition

If underweight then it’s always better to hear the recommendations of your Doctor & get an evaluation done under his guidance or through a dietitian. On deducing you will be directed to consume nutritious & healthy foods which can help you gain weight including tips of eating during the day. Today weight gain foods are frequently consumed not just by underweight people but also by bodybuilders & athletes in building muscles & boosting overall health. Gaining weight is quite a struggle & time-consuming but practically possible if guided properly. 

Healthy Ways to Eat

Some healthy ways to gain weight are:

·        Eat Frequently: An underweight person will feel full faster while eating so it’s better to eat six small meals instead of three meals in a day increasing consumption. 

·        Eating healthy foods: Eat healthy foods such as cereals, fruits, protein-rich products, nuts, seeds, dairy products, pasta, whole grain bread, etc. 

·        Eat liquid meals: Consume more healthy drinks such as smoothies or milkshakes with fresh fruits which are high in calories & nutrition value.

·        Avoid drinking fluids before meals: Drinking fluids before meals kills your appetite. Avoid intake of fluids before mealtime which will help you consume more food.

·        Eat healthy snacks: If craving snacks then gorge on healthy snacks such as nuts, meat products, cheese, or diced vegetables. They contain healthy calories promoting weight gain. 

·        Occasionally treat yourselves: When underweight excess sugar or fats is to be avoided. But sometimes you can treat yourselves with a healthier option of eating high-calorie snacks such as bran muffins & granola bars etc. Even a regular dish can be topped up with high-calorie dairy products such as cheese or even fat-free cream.

·        Exercise: Regular exercises are essential as it helps build muscles & also stimulate your appetite.

Foods which Can Help You Gain Weight

Nutrition-rich foods can help you gain weight in a healthy & effective way. 

They are:

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·        Drink milk daily: Milk has all the potential mix of proteins, carbohydrates & fats for your body’s needs including calcium. Good choice for those trying to build muscles due to its high protein content.

·        Drink protein shakes after workout: Protein shakes help build muscles & gain weight when consumed. Effective when consumed shortly after a workout. Do not buy shakes with extra sugar & other additives when buying. Check ingredients carefully when buying.

·        Eat rice: Rice is rich in carbohydrates that can help weight gain. Eat healthy meals with food rich in proteins including rice rich in carbohydrates with vegetables for a robust weight gain. 

·        Consume red meat: Consuming red meat help build muscle mass. Meat contains both proteins & fats which help in weight gain. Eat more lean meat which is healthier for the heart, unlike fats which can be effective for weight gain but damaging to the heart.

·        Consume more nuts & salads: Eat more nuts as a snack including salads with meals that healthily help weight gain.

·        Eat whole-grain bread: Consume whole-grain bread which is rich in carbohydrates beneficial for weight gain.

·        Eat starch-rich foods: Starch is rich in calories & helps boost muscle growth & weight gain. Starch-rich foods such as potatoes, corn, quinoa, buckwheat, oats, pasta, cereal bars, etc.

·        Other food products: Other than the above many other food products can induce weight gain in a healthy way. Foods such as fish-salmon, dry fruits, avocados, dark chocolate, eggs, cheese & other dairy products, etc.

These are some foods which can help in increasing your body weight. Consult a dietitian for you to be guided into eating nutritious foods for a strong & healthy weight gain.

20 Best Healthy Foods for Gain Weight Fast

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